To enable trading between Bitcoin assets (BTC and BRC-20s) and ERC-20s, TeleSwap utilizes AMM DEXs. Any DEX on the EVM chain can be integrated with TeleSwap for asset swapping. For example, TeleSwap utilizes QuickSwap on Polygon and PancakeSwap on the BNB chain to process trade requests. This gives TeleSwap the flexibility to leverage the best DEXs with the lowest slippage and lowest fee to process trade requests.

For selling Bitcoin assets for ERC-20s, TeleSwap first mints the wrapped Bitcoin assets and then converts the wrapped assets for the ERC-20 assets using AMM DEX. This is all done in a single transaction. For buying Bitcoin assets with ERC-20s, TeleSwap first exchanges ERC-20 for the wrapped assets and then unwraps them for the native Bitcoin assets. Again, all of this happens in a single transaction.

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