🟩TeleportDAO Bitcoin bridge

The TeleportDAO bridge is used to verify the inclusion of Bitcoin transactions. This ensures that no fake or manipulated transactions will be processed by TeleSwap. TeleSwap contracts send transactions with their inclusion proof to the bridge to check if they have been included on Bitcoin or not. There are three main cases where TeleSwap leverages the bridge:

  1. Bitcoin to EVM bridge request: Users send their bridge request on Bitcoin, which is then submitted by a Teleporter on the TeleSwap contract by providing a valid inclusion proof. This proof is checked by the bridge contract to ensure that TeleSwap only mints wrapped assets if the user actually sent Bitcoin assets on Bitcoin. Additionally, this prevents Teleporters from manipulating users' requests, as any manipulation would be detected by the bridge.

  2. Payment proof by Locker: Lockers process users' unwrap requests by sending native Bitcoin assets on Bitcoin to them. After processing the request, they need to provide a proof of payment which is checked by the bridge. This ensures that the request has actually been processed by them.

  3. Slashing Lockers: Users can submit evidence that a Locker has stolen some Bitcoin assets by providing valid proof. The proof is then checked by the bridge to validate the evidence provided by the slashers.

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