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Users are required to pay a fee to execute their cross-chain transfer requests. This fee encompasses various components, including the Bridge fee, Teleporter fee, Locker fee, and protocol fee. Additionally, for utilizing the Teleportation mechanism, users also incur an instant settlement fee. It is worth noting that all of these fees are paid in BTC, which simplifies the fee payment process for users.
  • Teleporter fee: Teleporters are responsible for paying the gas fee required to execute users' cross-chain requests on Polygon. As compensation for their services, users pay the actual gas fee incurred by the Teleporters along with an additional 10% as a reward.
  • Bridge fee: This fee is associated with the usage of the TeleportDAO bridge to verify the inclusion of requests. When Teleporters submit requests on Polygon, they are required to pay a fee.
  • Locker fee: Lockers receive a fee of 0.15% of the total minted or burned BTC for their role in the minting and burning process.
  • Protocol Fee: %0.05 of each mint and burn request goes to the TeleSwap treasury.
  • Instant settlement fee: Instant pool providers, who contribute liquidity to the teleBTC instant pool, receive a reward equivalent to 0.15% of the instant request amount.

Fees Summary

Depends on Polygon gas price
Depends on Polygon gas price
Instant settlment